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Beach G-Ma & G-Pa & G-G-Ma H June 11, 2007
Just finished updating G-G-Ma H with the whole website...really enjoyed the tub and playroom scenes and the slide-the-stairs entry into the fast little ones grow...Kate & Evan are beautiful together...looking forward to Branson and seeing the whole Bucklin Janesville clan in 2-3 weeks...Love Mom ans Dad
Dave Van Nest (GM Canada) June 08, 2007
Wonderful !
Pete & Kathy Dragovich May 27, 2007
Hello, it was great getting to meet you and your family at EAC's picnic this year. Who knows, maybe we'll catch each other again next year. Pete, Kathy, Anatolii, Marina, and Alina Dragovich
Wendy Brandt May 16, 2007
Hello! It was a pleasure helping you bring this litle guy home! Cant wait to see you all in person! I suggest this sight to many current clients, it really helps them get a visual! Thanks Wendy EAC Wendy
DeeDee Espana May 13, 2007
Felicitaciones por el nuevo nene! Es bien lindo por su puesto. Mucha suerte.
Dean April 21, 2007
Scott... congratulations!! What an incredible journey! I think those Hooters girls were in love with him.
Mary M. Link April 19, 2007
Hi there Scott, Congrats on getting Evan. He is sure a cutie! I really enjoyed looking at your web site, it is pretty cool. Don't work too hard and enjoy all your time spent with Evan.
Mark, Sooi Kuan, and Frances Yun Ni Turner April 18, 2007
Congratulations on your recent new family member and hope he brings you much joy. Nice web site, too, by the way!
Shelley & Doug April 18, 2007
Sharon & Scott, I've been thinking about you guys frequently since you've been home. It looks like everything is going well. I enjoyed the videos and pictures of Evan turning 1 year old. He seems like such a happy baby! I look forward to when we can finally get together. Hope to see you soon.
Michelle Pate April 13, 2007
You are so blessed! Evan is so adorable and I can see the love and joy in the eyes of the entire family. Please give him a hug for me.