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Margie February 26, 2007
Hi Sounds like things are going well. Susanna is quite the party planner. Perhaps, she can plan our next reunion. I am sure it will be better than our last one. Remind her, no tents allowed.
Laine February 26, 2007
hi, mom ,and Dad Hope your trip in Russia is fine and fun. Do you have Evan yet? We baked cookies today to eat.
Susanna February 26, 2007
I can't wait till you and Evan get home. I have it all planed it will be a surprise party . It will be a welcome home party and his first birthday at the same time.
kris farberg February 25, 2007
scott and sharon hope things are going well on your third trip. sounds like you beat the snow strom. i cant wait to meet the cutey buckaroo. i been shoveling snow this sunday morning.the drifts in someplaces are several feet deep. the person in our rented house ended up having company sat night and sun morning. family of four a 5 month girl and a four year old boy. found out they only live one road over on cty h, they thought they would just check out the roads,found themselves in the ditch. you might know him works at the plant his name is troy jensen. from reading some of the e mails the girls cant wait for evan too arrive. the thoughts and feeling you two having going on is probably a wonderful high. i wish you the best ,and scott i know a little better miss you. take care hope to make contact soon. kris farberg
Mom Baker Susanna,Laine and Kate February 25, 2007
Thank God you got off the airport early. They had hundreds of flights canceled everywhere last night. I heard a loud long thunder around 11P.M. and raining here this morning. We are to get snow this afternoon. Talked with dad this morning and it was snowing hard there yet. Take care,love mom and kids.
Jimmy and Patti and Family February 24, 2007
Thank God you all got off safe today!!! The snow is really piling up here;) We have started teh count down to when WE can meet our new nephew!! It is more exciting than the anticipation of our baby!! Safe trip and hurry home with our nephew!! Love, All of us!
Mark and Rachel February 24, 2007
We can't wait to see that handsome little guy. All of our best wishes and congratulations!! Prayers, Mark, Rachel and kids.
Julienne February 23, 2007
Hi, This is so wonderful and exciting, we are so proud of both of you and your family. Hopefully Evan will like my chocolate chip cookies as much as Kate. (Your Uncle Bill liked the picture in Paris with the S & S Cycle stuff. Have a save trip home. Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Julienne
ruth butcher February 23, 2007
congrations from phoenix!
Joann Wilson February 19, 2007
Hi Scott & Sharon. Been looking at the website, and I must say it's so exciting!!! I'm so glad that everything is going so well. Looking at the pictures of Paris, brings back memories of the 2 years of high school French that I took. Soon your new arrival will be here in the states. I'm so glad for you guys. Take care!!! Joann