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Ericha Johnson March 03, 2007
Cute little one!
Vern and Sue March 02, 2007
We are praying for an uneventful flight home with a sleeping Evan!
Margie March 02, 2007
Your son is adorable. My kind of way to have a baby, no big bellies (yes, I am abdominal obsessed) and no labor. Let someone else do the heavy lifting. I loved Scott's blog. I understand a lot of what he is saying. We, the yoga studio where I used to teach, had a summer intern from Russia for two summers. She was shopping crazed. Yes, did dress a little slutty as well as act a little slutty too. The yoga studio at least influenced her to a healthier lifestyle. She gave up smoking. At the public library where I worked in Milwaukee, we had a large Russian clientele. They were extremely pushy. I guess they were used to long bread lines. Lastly, my friend worked at a Russian restaurant in Milwaukee. Every table that had a group of Russians automatically got a big bottle of vodka placed on the table at the start of the meal. One thing I can say about every Russian I ever met, is they were all very educated.
Dale and Lola March 01, 2007
Congratulations!!! Sounds like things are going smooth and you will be on your way home soon. My what great pictures and a fantastic experience.
Don Harwood March 01, 2007
Scott you remind me of a mail man: neither snow nor rain nor blizzard conditions will keep me from addopting my son. Congratulations.
helen March 01, 2007
was thinking of you guys today so checked out your website for updates, your son is lovely, congrats to all, am excited to see him and you all, dont forget to put me down for his first haircut! take care.
Marcella (kathy's mom) March 01, 2007
Congratulations !! Two couples from our church have little ones from overseas. Both are girls, one from China and one from Guatemala. Brenda from Guatemala joined a family with two brothers and a sister. Katlin, from China will be gettng a sister soon. Her family is in the process of adopting another daughter from China. They used the same agency that you did. Again, Congratulations!!
susanna February 28, 2007
I delivered cookies today. It was snowing like crazy. It was the worse blizzzzard of my life. Get it blizzzzzard? I called mason yesterday . I am getting crazy about adoption all my classmates say I talked 10,000 times. cause I think its' ex iting. Call me and email me a lot
Evan February 28, 2007
Just looked at the pics will get the storck up. Thinging about you all
Vern and Sue February 28, 2007
I love the floating hearts and bees! I'm not sure why 3 of the same messages showed up!! Glad to hear you got him!! We love the new pictures!! Only a couple more days and all of you will be home!