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Stacey and Roman March 13, 2007
Thank you for creating this site. We got the link from Dan and Barbara in Atlanta. We just received a referral from Yaroslavl and your site was a great help in answering some of our questions. We're using the same agency. Hopefully, our trips will go as well as yours. Welcome home to you and your beautiful son.
June Williams March 13, 2007
Congratulaions on your new family member. What a beautiful baby and lovely story and pictures. I hope to see you soon. Love, June
Lori March 12, 2007
I finally had a minute to check out the additions to your website. What a gorgeous little guy! Glad to hear that things are going well. Thanks for the tour of Russia! Sharon, Sorry about the phone yesterday...dead battery!
Mary March 08, 2007
welcome home evan! it was a pleasure meeting you. i am going to be worried about you vomiting on me for awhile:)
Sharon March 06, 2007
Yes, I think this website will be ongoing for awhile. As we all learn to live together it should be a fun/frustrating/crazy/silly adventure! Life with 4 kids under 7years old is good material for many topics as well as informative to others adopting.
Margie March 06, 2007
Is this website ongoing or should I delete it from my bookmarks now that the adoption is complete?
Patti (again!!) March 06, 2007
Hope he likes balls. We have been looking for all kinds of different balls for him to chew on.
Jimmy and Patti March 06, 2007
We just now found out that Evan's birthday is the day after tomorrow!!! What are the odds of gaining two members to the family in less than three months that share the same birthday!!! Between his favorite toy being the the bell from my wedding and him sharing my birthday with me, I already feel a strong attachment to Evan!!! Thank God he is HOME!!!!! Love, Patti and Jimmy
Mrs Rennhack March 05, 2007
Congratulations! Great job~everyone!
chad parker March 05, 2007
congrats, i need to get back in the loop, nobody tells me anything way up here in the land of ice and snow, dad just sent this to me, thought i better say something, dad should be happy with his name being evan? have fun chad