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Mike Townsend (GM) March 31, 2007
Congratulations on your little Evan. He is a looker, thats for sure (Eyelashes). Also, very nice little site to view everything on. I am sure the family appreciates it very much. Congrats again and Best wishes to ALL of the Bucklins !!!
Skip & Rose March 27, 2007
Well done!!!!!!!!! We're looking forward to seeing the whole Bucklin Clan. Evan is a very lucky child and you all are extremely blessed to have such a bundle of joy. It is truely a gift from God's grace that he bestowed upon you, that you may take care of His children for Him. Oh, how great thou art. Congradulations!!!!!!!!
Linda Kersten March 21, 2007
I am so thrilled for all of you! I pray God's blessings for Evan and the girls! May we stay connected even with my retirement move. Your family is SO special to me!
Chris March 17, 2007
Congratulations on your new son! We brought home our son @ 15 mths. from Yaroslavl in Feb. 2000 and also used EAC. At that time it was a quick one week trip which did not leave much time for sight-seeing. I really appreciate seeing photos of the city and the Baby House and hearing other's accounts of their trips. It brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Thanks for posting your site on the Yaroslavl yahoo group. I'm also glad to hear that EAC is still doing a great job. If you go to the annual picnic in Cleveland, you just might see Tanya there. Chris Hibbert-Chicago area
Margie March 17, 2007
Nice video...your son is probably thinking, "retarded, my mom is the retarded one; shoes go on your feet, not your head."
Tanya March 16, 2007
I really enjoyed looking at your site. It brings back so many memories and your photos are wonderful. We brought our son home in 10/05. It was a wonderful experience. We also used EAC. My oldest son and his wife, are in the process of bringing home another litte boy from Yaroslavl. He is at the same orphanage. I would love to see more photos if you have any available, especially of the orphanage and the staff. I was neglectful and didn't take as many pictures that I wished I had. I know you are probably a little busy now. Enjoy your son and thanks for the website. It really was a joy to read.
Stephanie March 16, 2007
Really enjoyed your site! Our son came from Yaroslavl, also, 17 months ago. Congratulations, and enjoy!
Mary March 16, 2007
So nice to see pictures form "our" orphanage. Our Hailey is also from Yaroslavl and we used EAC. We brought her home in December 2006. We used EAC also..and so happy to hear another wonderful adoption story! We have adopted twice with EAC from Russia. Our Kristina will be 6 in May and is from Izhevsk. Thanks for sharing your story!
Shelley and Tom March 14, 2007
I can't wait to see pictures of his birthday party on the web!!
Stacey and Roman March 13, 2007
Thank you for creating this site. We got the link from Dan and Barbara in Atlanta. We just received a referral from Yaroslavl and your site was a great help in answering some of our questions. We're using the same agency. Hopefully, our trips will go as well as yours. Welcome home to you and your beautiful son.