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Margie August 19, 2007
What a sweet story about the photography studio.
Margie August 16, 2007
Great new photos. At least you are smart and leave the little ones home for baseball games etc. There are very few places LM belong. I would love to tell these idiot tourist that with their stollers at the National Gallery. Sorry dumb ass, but art museum are not for small children. I do not think you have a Doogie Howser on your hands. Can you tell that I am so over tourist season? The kids (your kids; not the tourist) are really cute.
George and Chris Turner August 16, 2007
Great photos, thanks for sharing. PS-- Note our new e-mail address
Patti FB August 08, 2007
We also arrived in Moscow in winter (Nov. 03) and it was a trip down memory lane to read about your experience! Our little guy is from Vladimir region and is now 5 1/2 and getting ready for kindergarten next month; very happy and healthy!!!
Selena August 07, 2007
WOW...this is such a great website.. I found it on the EAC yahoo group and I really enjoyed seeing some of the things in Moscow that we didnt' get to see on our trip...We were home with Jacob and Emma on December the time of adoption Jacob was 19 mths and Emma was 9 mths.....I'd love to hear back from you and send some pics of our two children...They are from the Vladimir region....Take care and your children are just gorgeous!!... Selena in Mississippi
Doug Murphy (MATL) Movie Guy from Kansas July 25, 2007
Great web site! Thanks so much for including me in your e-mail. Wish you nothing but joy and happiness with your little guy! :-)
Kenel Family July 23, 2007
This is a great website. Thanks for sharing your stories. You have a beautiful family.
The Hyat-Khan Family July 20, 2007
Just received the update.....congratulations to you all! Another wonderful addition to your already wonderful family. Saquib, Jane, and Nasser Hyat-Khan
Michelle Pate July 19, 2007
Hi Guys! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. Looks like a fun summer!
Alison Trentacost July 13, 2007
Hi Scott and Sharon! I finally got a chance to go through your webside. What a great story; I loved the photos. Congratulations to your family!