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Joy Paulsen November 04, 2007
I just love the pictures of your little one. It keeps me going. Joy
Margie October 30, 2007
Susanna's story brought a little tear to my eye. What a great kid.
Margie October 22, 2007
All of the kids are so cute. Is Laine outsmarting all of her teachers?
Margie Wirth October 09, 2007
Maybe it has something to do with the women from the orphanage. Not to compare him to dogs, but people have a lot more in common with animals than our vain selves would ever care to admit. How dogs do not like the members of a particular sex if they suffered abuse from that member.
Kathy Bergers October 09, 2007
Congratulations on your beautiful little boy! My husband and I are just starting our journey. Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us.
Kelly Rounds September 29, 2007
Congratulations Bucklin family on the newest member of your family. Evan is a beautiful little boy. Enjoy!
Stacy Ferkovich September 22, 2007
I was browsing the FRUA site and came across the link for your website. We too adopted from Yaroslavl - Gotcha day was April 1st, 2005. A little girl -Katerina. . Enjoyed seeing the photos of orphanage (looks the same as when we were there) and I recognized Tanya our coordinator/translator as well. Thanks for sharing.
Tina Andrews September 21, 2007
Great Site! My husband and I are just starting our journey - would love to hear what agencyyou worked with.
Chris Hibbert September 18, 2007
It was so nice to meet your family at the Chicago EAC picnic on Sunday. I've enjoyed looking at your photos and seeing some of the sights we missed. I did see Tanya in one of the shots. You said you had a photo of the room where the babies slept. I would love to have a copy for our son's lifebook if you wouldn't mind sharing it. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Katherine Petru September 16, 2007
Hi Bucklins, We met your at the EAC Picnic. Thank your for letting Tom and I ask so many questions. Evan is adorable and your websit is terrific. Loved the pictures. I will check this site again for resources. Good luck and take care. Katherine and Tom