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the Weinberg's January 10, 2007
Thinking of you this week!. . .Godspeed an blessings as you start on this new adventure!
Margie January 10, 2007
The girls are really cute...nice combo of both of you.
Tom, Shelley, Alex & Braxton Flores January 10, 2007
Looking forward to seeing pics of the newest little Buckaroo. We can't wait to see you guys again in NC!!!
Michelle Pate January 10, 2007
I pray that the angels go before you and protect you on your trip.
Marci Abel January 10, 2007
Thanks for including me in your great news! Have a very blessed trip, I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your new addition!
The Turners January 10, 2007
Good luck on your trip to Russia. We will be anxious to hear any news.
Mary Jo Woodmansee January 10, 2007
Love your website. Cute girls! Mary Jo
Montse, Sara and Bill January 10, 2007
Have a safe trip. We hope and pray for a great experience for the whole family, including the new guy.
Mom & Dad Baker Eric & Lisa January 09, 2007
Have a safe trip to Russia. I'll try to take good care of the grandkids while your gone. I know we will be excited and wondering where you two are,
Barbara & Co. January 09, 2007
This is so great! Thanks for keeping us posted... We are praying for you!