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Margie May 28, 2008
Love the picture of Argentina.
Sandi Clements March 31, 2008
He's getting so BIG!! They all are....Scott can it be we were working together when Susanna was born?!?!?! Thanks for sharing!
Margie March 22, 2008
Who doesn't love the hometown hero? She is smart, beautiful and very creative.
Susanna March 22, 2008
Susan Archer March 21, 2008
Saw your address on the EAC yahoo group and checked in to take a peek. We adopted in '04 from Chita City. Awesome job!!
Margie March 12, 2008
I really enjoy reading Sharon's blog.
Beach Grand-ma & Grand-pa March 11, 2008
We just spent many minutes revisiting the old & new sites...your blogs were most revealing and a wonderful way to follow the growth of not only Evan but the whole's with pride and joy that we watch from afar the growth of this special family...our love...Mom & Dad
Maura February 19, 2008
Hi - I am starting the adoption process (also working with EAC) and found the Yaroslavl area website that you created. Very cute! thanks! maura
Samantha January 28, 2008
Hi my name is Samantha and i was looking for adoption agencies for Yaroslavl Russia when i came across your blog. For 2 months of the summer in 2007 i worked in this orphanage with a volunteer group. I was looking through your pictures and it brought back so many memories. It really touches my heart to see people adopting from this orphanage that I miss so much. I plan on adopting from this orphanage and I was wondering if you could tell me about the requirements and the process you had to go through. I am only 18 right now. But in the future i do plan on adopting. Thank you for putting this up. I love being able to see pictures from the place I worked for 2 months, as we were not aloud to take pictures there.
Margie January 26, 2008
Winners of the most kids award! At least, you two are the kind of people who should have kids unlike many of the fertile Myrtles out there who have no business having pets much less than kids.