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mr owens September 26, 2016
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bartylay December 31, 2015
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Rev Thomas Orphanage August 11, 2014
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Rose mark July 20, 2014
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Colette Prohofsky November 27, 2012
We adopted our daughter from the same orphanage in 1998. She is now 15 and we are getting ready to go back to visit next summer with The Ties Program. We hope to visit the orphanage. Do you have the current director's name? So glad they are still doing adoptions, it really did seem like a good orphanage.
Georgeanne Panos April 15, 2011
I am just about finished with the regional documents and have read Scott's referral advice. Seems like good advice to me and I thank you for sharing it. I also agree and can understand families feeling that 'love at first sight'..........almost makes me want to put that referral photo to the back of the medical until after I have spoken to my physician. Much appreciation coming from a soon-to-be first-time-mom!
Troy Pate July 13, 2010
Wow - just found this site, what an cool idea for a great story!! You guys are awesome!
Maureen Keller May 07, 2010
Paul, these were great pix! You must have been hungry! Lot of food pix! Such a nice trip for you and your son.
Sara Jane April 14, 2010
Scott did his homework before take-off because it looks like you two are leaving no stone uncovered during your adventure :-o). Very interesting pictures and captions. It looks like you have had great weather. Nice wooden shoes, Paul.
Rae Hruby February 16, 2010
Hello Bucklin Family-My husband Paul and I are working on our homestudy with EAC currently and are looking forward to bringing a baby of our own home from Russia soon. I really enjoyed reading your blogs, journals, pics...Thank you for sharing. I was nice of Scott to add the advice about referrals. It was nice to hear that it should be right for us and I will remember that as we move forward.