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Evan and Sara Jane January 15, 2007
This website and your pictures are amazing. Moscow looks beautiful. Scott, you have the hat, but where's the vodka? We are looking forward to the next update :-o) Stay Safe.
Margie January 15, 2007
Oops, I hope the adoption is smooth as possible. Part way through, I changed the order of the sentence and failed to remove the article.
Margie January 15, 2007
The photos are amazing. I like Scott's hat. Good luck with everything. I hope the adoption is a smooth as possible. Despite the fact that I lack the "mother gene," I still find what you two are doing inspiring.
Beach G-Ma & G-Pa January 14, 2007
Exciting to see you in Red Square...pleased that you are there safe & sound...anxious to see pictures of Nikita...Sharon give us close-ups if at all possible...Love...Mom & Dad
Janna, Paul, Liza, Charlie and Sam January 14, 2007
Wow! What beautiful pictures. SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL. Thanks for putting up this website.
Aunt Lois January 13, 2007
It is so great to be a part of this experience. My best to all of you during this really exciting time in your lives.
Mark and Rachel January 13, 2007
Sending our best wishes! We hope your trip is going well. Your children are blessed to have such parents.
sarah keepers January 13, 2007
congrats ! so happy for you guys . we got alot of catching up to do. the girls are absolutely beautiful !!!
Sharon Haak January 12, 2007
Best to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your website - I'll be sure to check it out daily. We here at RPMS will take good care of Laine.
Sally and family January 12, 2007
Congrats to you all! Best of luck on your big adventure to Russia. Be safe and God Bless.