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Dale & Lola January 16, 2007
Great pictures. We enjoyed sharing your experiences. Our best to you both. D & L
Margie January 16, 2007
Nice pics...cute boy. Girl, are you going to hire a nanny or what? He looks to be around the same age as Kate.
Beach G-Ma & G-Pa January 16, 2007
Wonderful pictures...he's a beautiful, alert, and inquisitive little lucky he is to be your new son...your emotions of finally seeing & being with him and then having to leave him behind must be hard to handle right safe coming home...our love to you both.
Andrew olsen January 16, 2007
Wow, now I finally see why the hat's never made it big over here.
Andrew Olsen January 16, 2007
Glad to hear all is going well!
The Kilian's January 16, 2007
Great pictures from Russia. Glad to hear that a healthy granola bar soothed the fears. Can't wait to see pictures of Nikita. Looking forward to seeing you.
Alice Soule January 16, 2007
What super news! I also have friends that adopted twins ( a boy & girl) 4 years ago. The kids grandpa is Jim Kellogg from Viola. Have fun and what excitement to have a new baby boy for all of you to spoil.
Mike & Terri January 16, 2007
Great pics. Glad you made it there ok. Although I am wondering does the hat really go with the hawaiian shirts??
Partello's January 15, 2007
We check your site every night!! Glad to hear everything is going well. I love the pictures you've posted! Be safe!! Love Vern and Sue
O'Leary Clan January 15, 2007
Sounds like everything is going well, we're so glad to hear it! The pictures are wonderful, what a great experience for you both to share. Nikita is lucky to have such adventurous parents. Can't wait to meet the little guy and see you all safe at home.