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Kay Harrison January 18, 2007
Congratulations! To all your family -- and thanks for sharing the adventure of your trips.
Deb Cross January 18, 2007
Finally checked out your FABULOUS website! Hope you are feeling all of our prayers and best wishes as you travel home and into the bigger adventure of a growing family :) We are sooo happy for you!
Jason Kelly January 18, 2007
The pics look great guys. He is really cute. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Congrats....Jason
Lisa Gray January 17, 2007
Your son is beautiful (I guess I should say handsome!) He will certainly be spoiled by all your girls. Saw your mom yesterday when she came to pick up Laine at school. I also forwarded the website info to my mom.
Patti and Jimmy January 17, 2007
Beautiful little boy:) Can't wait to meet him in person. Really touched that he loved the little bell from our wedding!!! Love, Us
Dale & Lola January 16, 2007
Great pictures. We enjoyed sharing your experiences. Our best to you both. D & L
Margie January 16, 2007
Nice pics...cute boy. Girl, are you going to hire a nanny or what? He looks to be around the same age as Kate.
Beach G-Ma & G-Pa January 16, 2007
Wonderful pictures...he's a beautiful, alert, and inquisitive little lucky he is to be your new son...your emotions of finally seeing & being with him and then having to leave him behind must be hard to handle right safe coming home...our love to you both.
Andrew olsen January 16, 2007
Wow, now I finally see why the hat's never made it big over here.
Andrew Olsen January 16, 2007
Glad to hear all is going well!