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mike pierson 2007-01-30 17:23:08.0
Dan Monro 2007-01-29 17:54:41.0
Hey guys, great photos. Great memories - except for the luggage thing...Matty says hi! So do Annie & Barbara. Can't wait to see pics of Evan home.
Kim Schneider 2007-01-27 12:51:58.0
Nice to see the pictures. He is beautiful. Best Wishes from Missouri.
Sarah Long 2007-01-24 09:03:48.0
Hi Guys! Kristin told me about your website and I just had to visit it. I am so happy for you and I am glad to know that things are going well. I wish you love, peace and happiness.
Donovan Sveum 2007-01-23 18:35:32.0
Scott nice to see thing are going well. Hope to be able to get by and see you soon. I wish you and your family the best during the adoption process
Bob and Shirley Erb 2007-01-20 09:00:31.0
Congratulations! What an adorable child. We are so happy for you all and sure that you are anxious to get him home and into the family setting. We have enjoyed all the pictures and commentary. Have safe journeys.
Mary Kline 2007-01-19 19:14:22.0
Congratulations, I know you and your family are excited. Laine has been talking about her new baby brother with much excitment! See you soon.
Doug & Shelley DeWitt 2007-01-19 09:55:57.0
Sharon & Scott, What a great website to keep everyone at home updated on what you're doing and how things are going! Boy, does it bring back memories. You sure have some beautiful pictures and your little guy looks adorable! We can't wait to meet him in person. Now that you've met him, have you decided on an American name? I was impressed with the orphanage too. Everything looked very clean and even a Christmas tree!! Now too wait again. It is a godsend having other children to occupy your time between trips. We're excited to hear more. Keep us posted if anything changes with your return date. Talk to you soon! Shelley & Doug
Margie 2007-01-19 06:20:00.0 went from a newly free society to the most free society on the planet. I highly recommend the documentary about Amsterdam..."Sex, Drugs and Democracy." We think America is free? Amsterdam is really free.
Mrs Rennhack 2007-01-18 19:39:23.0
Hi! I know Susanna from Harmony school-I'm a teacher's aide there. She told me about this neat website & her brother coming from Russia-what a fortunate boy to have such a great big sister! God bless each of you!