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mom Baker February 15, 2007
Hi, Glad everything went well for you in court. Findly got the computer to work this morming.
Aunt Lois February 14, 2007
S&S, Wasn't sure how to respond, here or to your email. I have already told your Mom how the Court went. I'll call her in the morning to let her know how to I hope fix the computer. She had tried turning it off and restarting but that hadn't worked. Maybe this will get it going. Thanks
Aunt Lois February 14, 2007
Sharon, I just talked with your Mother. The computer has become locked so she cannot use it. I told her that I had looked last night and that I would see what was added and call her back. I guess she needs the password to unlock what ever the girls did to it. I am glad to hear that all is going well and that this will all soon be over and you will be home.
tricia February 14, 2007
Good Luck!! I bet you cannot wait to bring little Evan back to meet everyone!!
Mrs Rennhack February 13, 2007
Hi Susanna-I've enjoyed reading about this journey once again! May God continue to bless your family! See you soon.
Krista February 13, 2007
Good Luck in court! Trip looks very exciting. Hope everything works out for you all. I will be thinking about you and praying all goes well.
Cristina and Rod Castillo February 13, 2007
Queridos Amigos, Mucha suerte en tu viaje, Felicitaciones por tener una familia tan admirable. Este nino es muy afortunado.
Kathy February 12, 2007
We missed you on Sunday! I'm glad you're feeling better. Good luck in court.
Margie February 12, 2007
Good luck in court.
Sue February 12, 2007
Good luck on this trip! We are very anxious to hear about the russian court date. Good luck, you guys will be great!! I'm glad to hear you started feeling better Sharon as the day went on!