Journal of leaving Russia for home · January 17, 2007
Leaving Russia for Amsterdam, Netherlands January 17, 2007

We got up this morning and went to Arbat Street, which is one of the big shopping areas of Moscow. It was cold and rainy today. No surprise. It is their warmest winter in 130+ years.

We bought a few souvenirs for the girls and looked a lot. We know we can probably get stuff cheaper in our region plus we will be back here.

We got a bit lost on our way back to the hotel but got checked out and flew to Amsterdam. A sad time, leaving our little guy behind but he is in good hands. The girls will be great to keep us occupied when we get home.

Amsterdam is as I remember. It has been since before we had Susanna that we were here. Still nice people, smells like pot, and yes they still have a redlight district. We walked around after dinner and looked at the canals and shhops. It is quite warm here too.

We are supposed to have free internet at our hotel but it is not working so I had to pay to sign on to write this. That means we won't be able to post our photos until tomorrow. I am sure we can do it at the airport.

Our luggage has already gone ahead of us so it is nice to travel with just a backpack. Not dragging all the children's equipment is so different.

We will be headed back to Russia around Feb. 12th we know now. Tomorrow we fly to the US again but won't be home until Friday morning most likely.