Journal - Region - Moscow, day three journal · January 16, 2007
Region - Moscow on Tuesday, day 3? Trip one January 17, 2007

We slept in late today, until about 9 and we had breakfast at the Hotel. It was a fairly good breakfast. I discovered I like their rice porridge with blueberry sauce added in. And the tea was good.

At 10 we were to be picked up to go to the Baby House. Too bad that when we got there our little guy was not there. We were ushered into the play room to wait for him to get back from his doctor visit. We asked that he have some test repeated and they wanted to get it done right away we guess.

Anyhow. For 2 hours we layed on the floor playmats and read. (Deb, thanks for the big fat book). Then, the door opened and there he was. He was like a whole different kid today. I think he just like us for the granola bars! He really warmed up to Scott today as well. We played for most of the day. We didn't have anything to do as they were helping another two other couples get their children ready to go home. One to the USA and one to France. It was really neat to see how the older boy was so happy to see his new French parents.

It was touching how many of the orphange workers came out to kiss these boys and say goodbye. The orphangage director is a really sweet lady and she must have been telling them to be good, don't forget Russia and have a good life. A few of them cried. This made me want to tear up as we had to kiss our little guy goodbye for a little while.

We have been told that we need to be in court here on February 14th. Happy Valentines Day to us. We were also told that we could not appeal to have our 10 day wait waived. We had hoped to appeal based on having 3 small children at home. We will have to consider how we are going to deal with this.

It was strange to have to drive back to Moscow. We checked into the Radisson. It is the MOST expensive hotel we have ever stayed at. Moscow has a real shortage of hotels and so they can charge whatever they want. = to the tune of $400 a night!!!!!!!!!

We decided to walk back to Red Square to eat at that Japanese place we found. Good sushi