Journal - Waiting in the fall of 2006
Waiting for a Nibble January 25, 2007

So as of October we are now waiting for "The PHONECALL".Our paperwork was not submitted to Russia really until the week before Thanksgiving but we got a false start around then too. Our consultant called us about a 20 month old. We were both at work when Scott got the call. He was totally taken off guard as he was not ready for the call and especially at work.

We had filled out our paperwork requesting a blue eyed baby so we had not considered a brown eyed child. It seems like a silly thing but everyone else has blue eyes in our families. This provoked some serious discussion and in the end we both agreed that while we would prefer blue eyes, it was most important that we adopt as healthy as possible.

Regardless, our agency didn't end up getting the information and the little boy didn't become available after all. Never really found out what happened but we hope he he either had family come get him or he got a forever home with someone else.

So we ended November waiting. I had seen a post on a website for a family said that they submitted their paperwork and got a referral for a 10 month old boy the next week. All I could think was, Hey, where is ours????