Journal - Getting our referral
YIPEE, We got our referral!

Late 2006

Scott and I are big believers in fate, destiny, karma, call it what you will. We can't say how long it took to get our referral as part of our agreement. However, we took it as a really good sign that our little guys' referral arrived on my late sister's birthday. Thanks

The same day, Scott got a fortune coookie with a fortune that said "Good news will arrive from far away" and finally, the lot we'd had for sale since March 2006 got an offer on it that weekend. Thus, we were provided additional financial means towards the adoption.  Okay, so maybe a lot of coincidences. Still we took it as a positive thing.

It seems a little sureal to have the Fed Ex people deliver a package that contains this little photo and medical information on your child. Just like that. We tore the package open and there he was.

We just stared at the photo. Not a good photo I might add. It appears that they shot the photo of him propped up in his crib so the camera angle looks like they shot up his nose. Hard to tell what he really looks like. The first thing that I noticed were his big dark eyes. blue? brown? Guess we'll have to wait to find out! He looks fine. Hey, he has no hair and where are his eyebrows.? Oh, he must have light colored hair. After I checked out all my girls' baby photos I realize none of them really have eyebrows that show up. Funny the things that pop in your head. You look at that little photo and try to notice every little thing about this child you have wondered about for so long.

After admiring his photo we flipped over to the medical page. Really not a lot of information there. We see that he was born in March of this year. Whew, nothing major wrong. He has Rickets, but that is a common condition. It is a Vitamin D deficiency from lack of good nutrition and sunlight. Hey, if its one thing he'll get with us, its plenty of food and sun loving parents. We're happy to see he has a series of measurements and they are all within normal. So many orphans are malnurished and undersized. He looks great.

Just to be sure we send his information off to a doctor we contracted who sees a lot of Russian adoptees. We have to decide to accept him. We are ready to go for it! We show him to the girls and they give him a big thumbs up too. Somewhere in Russia the stork has left a baby for us. Now we just need to get to him. We have a face and know his Russian name so now it is hard to wait for a travel date.