Journal - Off on Trip 2 · February 11, 2007
Off on Trip 2 February 11, 2007

After getting most of the home front settled late last night, we got about 3 hours of sleep. Not good sleep. While we are excited to see our little guy, the whole process is stressful. I know we are going to miss the girls. They don't make it easy on us. They kept popping out of bed until they both passed out after 11pm. Kate just seemed grumpy. Maybe even at 18 months she knows Grandma Baker is here because we are leaving again.?

Up at 3 am with a goal of getting out the door to the airport in Milwaukee for a 7 am flight to Detroit. Not sure if it is nerves, the migrane headache I came down with or a stomach virus but I was sick to my stomach before we even got out the door. Not a good way to fly.

We were supposed to call our friends, the Weinbergs in Detroit as we had a 4 hour layover. However, we didn't get around to calling on Saturday and by the time we got to Detroit all just choked down a bagel and took an hour and a half nap on the floor at the gate. I really didn't care how it looked. Amazing what you can sleep through with earplugs and an eye mask. Scott and I intend to sleep all the way to Moscow this evening.

By the time we flew to JFK I was feeling better. We are taking just the laptop and two backpacks for carry ons. Wow, what a change from travleing with kids and strollers and such. That'll be next trip.

We are taking gifts for the orphanage staff for the family from Atlanta that we traveled with last time. And, in our suitcase we have more clothes, and lots of pairs of little socks. Last time our little guy was wearing too little socks and a pair of cute pink and white sandles! Of course we also have a couple of boxes of granola bars and cup of ramen noodle soups. Never know when we are going to be too busy to eat.

So, what will we be doing this trip? The plan is to arrive and have to endure a Russian doctor visit for Scott and I , planning for court, and ouractual court appearance on Wednesday. Not sure how grueling that will be. Some say it is a quick half hour, others report being grilled for 2 hours. Just another hoop to jump through.

We hope to do some souvenir shopping this time too as we won't want to haul too much more home next trip when we have our little guy to juggle on flights. They reallly have some neat souvenirs and it is nice to not see anything marked Made In China!

So, keep your fingers crossed and say a few prayers for a quick painless court appearance.