Journal Feb. 12 Back in the USSR (oops, Russian Federation) · February 13, 2007
Back in the USSR, You don't know how lucky you are. February 12, 2007

Okay. We'd been on the plane too long when we started humming this old Beatles tune. We left home on a flight at 7 am on Sunday and arrived to MOSCOW at about eleven am on  Monday. Delta defintely does not have a more comfortable plane than Northwest/KML. No back of the seat video monitors and awfully uncomfortable seats. Hey, they handed out eye masks and earpluggs and now we know why!

We were picked up at the airport and had to go to the Radisson to register our passports there. They after that was done we finally got chcked into the Marriott Courtyard hotel later in the afternoon. We took a good nap until about 5pm and then decided to make dinner reservations for a Ukrainian restaurant called Shinouk (or at least that is the way it was pronounced.)

It took us an hour in a taxi to get there. Our driver didn't make any money of us as he was tied up in traffic for so long. We really had a nice meal. Can't continue to eat Japanese in Moscow we reasoned.

We got back to our hotel after 10pm and put on these photos.

Tomorrow they will come to pick us up at 9 am and after our medical exams we will go to the region. Not sure if we will get to see our little guy tomorrow. It seem to take so long to get anywhere and there is always paperwork to pick up and drop off.

It has gotten really really cold here now. What happened to the warmest winter on record.????