Journal - Court day start · February 13, 2007
A tough night's sleep and cold showers February 13, 2007

Can you see the bags under our eyes? We got a few hours of sporadic sleep. Our room was a balmy 80 degrees or so even with the window open. The pillows were bricks and one or the other of us was awake.

We got up at 6am and let the water run in the shower. Hey, where is the hot water??? A half hour later we resigned ourselves to cold showers. I've never seen Scott shower so fast.

We are getting a good hot breakfast though. The buffet at the Hotel Yubileanaya is pretty good. I have discovered that I like the hot rice porridge with a couple of shot of biliberry conserve shot in.(blueberry). And of course there are cold cuts and cheese similar to breakfast in Germany. Their are a few strange dishes too of course, but tea, coffee and yougurt plus some musili type cereal,(granola). I even eat the eggs "omlet" which must be cook in a big pan and sliced as they are perfectly cubed. And the variety of juices are good too. You have to watch Russian juices though as they really don't like to serve them straight. They water them down. Maybe to conserve?

Happy Valentine's Day. They have some pretty frosted pastries and a decorated cake on the buffet too. A very nice touch. A day for love - a day to add to our family.

We are all dressed in our dress and suit to appear in court this morning. I know it will turnout okay but the one man has a say in our son's future. I hope he goes easy on us. The prosecutor also may ask questions. Her interests are the same as our's though -- the best interest as the child. The orphanage social worker will testify that the child would be better placed in a home and that we had visited and bonded with each other. The judge will ask questions about our jobs, the living situation, our health, our community. why we are adopting in Russia, and how are family relationships are and what they may think about our adopting.

Then we will leave for a few  long long minutes and then we will be called back in and the judge will make his ruling I am sure we will sleep much better tonight! :)

We will try to get back on tonight to update our website but sometimes finding WiFi is difficult. No news all day will be good news so don't worry if we end up not getting back on here for a day or so.

We leave tomorrow morning for Paris on our way home.