Journal Feb. 14th Yipee! Done with court! · February 14, 2007
Yipee!! We've made it through court, but leaving is hard February 14, 2007

We left the hotel at 9am and had to wait for a half hour in a waiting room for the judge and everyone to arrive at the courthouse. We were shown into a small chamber the size of our living room at home and there were just 7 of us present. The judge was a man in about his 40s., a secretary, who recorded in a notebook, the orphanage social worker and Tanya, Scott and I. The other person was a middle aged stern looking woman in a severe looking suit who turned out to be the prosecutor. We began by introductions and the judge asked us a few questions, namely why we did not try to have another child as he thought the next time might bring a boy. What would be the bedroom arrangement for the boy? How big is the bedroom he will share with his sister? Then the social worker gave her report and said what our home was like etc. and that after months of being on the national registry no suitable home could be found with a Russian family. The Prosecutor then stated that as our petition was well grounded she had no questions or objections. J

After being sent out of the room a few minutes, we were called back in and the judge ruled that he found cause to place the child with the Bucklin couple. Yipee! The whole process was over in less than a half hour. I guess he had to ask some questions at least. Thank goodness that it was pretty quick and painless for us.

We immediately left afterwards to go to the baby home to see our little guy. It was around lunch time and we could smell whatever they were cooking for lunch. Of course he was scared to death of us again. He did warm up a little and we played for about 1 ½ hours. We felt so bad for him though as towards the end he put his head down on the quilt and you could just tell he was exhausted. So, I held him for awhile and tried to get him to go  to sleep. And finally we told the orphanage staff that he needed to go for his nap. It was very had to leave him behind but we know that we will be bringing him home soon.

We went to the Kremlin in Yaroslavl for souvenirs. We got some great things. Prices are much better than in Moscow of course. I got a beautifully carved birch container, 2 of the nesting doll (one’s a request from a friend) and a painted plate with scenes of Yaroslavl . I think we may have to come back. Oh, and we also found one of the traditional embroidered shirts for our little guy to wear for his baptism. It is not white but we wanted him to have something traditional of .

It was a long ride back to Moscow . The sun has not been shining since the day we arrived and there was snow on the roads which meant brown sludge splashed halfway up all passenger windows. We didn’t have another couple to travel with which would have made leaving our little guy a tiny bit easier. We are staying tonight back in Moscow and eating Cup of Soup, Ramen Noodle cups and granola bars. The food in this hotel restaurant is outrageous and because we are near the airport there is no other possibility. We leave bright and early for a couple of days in Paris . Maybe that will perk up our spirits.

The next two weeks will be very long as we wait to bring him home. There is an imposed waiting period. So, we still can not post any of the real good photos we took of him