Journal - Paris on Thursday/Friday Feb. 15/16 · February 16, 2007
Bon Jour Paris! February 16, 2007

Bon jour!

We arrived in Paris about noon on Thursday after flying in from Moscow. It was so nice to see the sun! We took the train in from the airport and unfortunately got off at a metro stop aways from our hotel. Not the end of the world, but a bit far to lug the suitcases. After getting settled, we decided to see some of Paris so we headed for the Latin Quarter cafes and to Notre Dame. This was great. We actually were at Notre Dame in the eveing and got to be there for Mass. It was really a great experience. After that we crossed the Seine and wandered around checking out cafes near the Sorbonne and waked back to our hotel which is by the Palais du Luxumborg if you know Paris. A lot of walking. We of couse had to pop into Starbucks. Needed to add to our collection of City Mugs. We are still very disappointed that Amsterdam and Moscow do not have Starbucks. So, no mugs from there.

It was so nice not to have to get up early today to catch a flight, be in court or something. We went to a little grocery store on the corner and bought bread and cheese and yougurt to make our own breakfasts. After that we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. Wow. Last time I was in Paris was over 20 years ago and then I didn't get to go to the top. This time Scott and I got tickets and took the elevator ride all the way up. What terrific views of the city. It was one of our must sees on our stop in Paris.

Right now we are sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe and have some how managed to get a wireless connection. This is the best part of Paris. Just people watching. I am loving it. My French is coming back from somewhere and I swear I'd love to come back as French in another life. The weather is downright tropical after Moscow. Sunny and in the 50s. People are sitting outside soaking up the sun.

Tonight we might take a light tour of the City of Lights or at least see the  Champs de Elysees. We are not too sure what we might feel like tomorrow. Perhaps the Louvre or Versailles. Or maybe just sit at a cafe. Our last trip as a couple for quite a while.