Journal - Last days in Paris · February 19, 2007
Bon Voyage. Last days in Paris

Paris , Saturday February 17, 2007


We have reached the end of our stay in Paris . What a treat. We think we have seen most everything that we wanted to experience in Paris . I would like to go to Versailles next time we are in the area though.

We thought for our last day in Paris we would make a trek to the Harley Davidson shop which is on Rue de Bastille but somehow we ended up getting off the Metro and walking for quite a distance> We thought it was pretty cool that when we got there we found a large sticker in the window saying that they sold S & S parts. That is the aftermarket parts maker that my brother, a couple of uncles and other relatives work for in tiny Viola, WI. We ended up talking to a lady there who said that her husband traveled to Viola and Milwaukee quite often. She had been too. Anyhow, she ended up giving us two key fobs with the Paris dealership address in addition to the Tshirts we bought. We had a good visit and then decided to stroll through the park across the street. In the park they were having an art fair. It was pretty much like any craft fair at home. An assortment of jewelry, paintings and some knit stuff. Fun to look.

    We then took the Metro over to the Louvre but by now it was later in the day and we didn’t think it would be worth it to purchase a ticket. The place is absolutely huge. We walked the length of the Champs de Elysses from the Louvre all the way to the Arc de Troimphe. This is a pretty long walk but it goes through some beautifully landscaped parks and past fountains. At the Champs Elysses we again experienced the women begging who come up and ask if you speak English. We have learned to speak in Spanish and then no one bothers us. These ladies appear to be Eastern European looking. We had the same experience at the Eiffel Tower so it was really annoying.

We decided to take our last night in Paris on an Illuminations Tour where they take you past all the landmarks that are lit at night. It is a really nice way to see these. We would have missed the Eiffel Tower lit up at night and that is really something wonderful to see. They have lit it so that when the lights go off on the hour or half hour they create this dazzling laser like display. Too cool. To think we almost missed that.

Our bus trip dropped us back in front of the Louvre and we walked across a bridge to the left bank and down about 10 blocks until we were back in the Latin Quarter . We found a nice little place to sit outside and eat dinner. We ordered the fixed price menu which included French onion soup for a starter, filet of turkey in a mustard cream sauce and chocolate mousse for dessert. I can’t believe the mousse was actually too rich for me to finish! We headed back to our hotel at about Midnight and called the girls before we went to bed. You gotta love these cheap phone cards that allow 2 hours for about 7 euros. Tomorrow it is off to the airport and then home.