Journal - Okay, so let's go get Him! What now? · February 24, 2007
So, let's get going to Russia

So, by the second week in December we have accepted our referral and so we are all gun ho to get over there and get our little guy. Whoa, not so fast. We have to wait for an invitation to apply for a Russian Visa. Everything in Russia is about to grind to a halt due to the Holidays. HolidayS, plural. Yes, not only do they take an extended vacation period around the end of December, but we also find out that the Eastern Orthodox calendar has put Christmas and New Years in January. The word coming out of our adoption agency is that we most likely will not be traveling unitl Jan.11th when things pick up again.

We wait til the last minute and decide to drive to South Carolina to see Beach Grandma and Grandpa (The Bucklins) but are told to take our passports and FedEx account information with us in case we have to hurry up and send our passports for a visa stamp.

Sure enough, we get back from Christmas vacation and on January 5th we are told to FedEx. our passports to the Russian Embassy in Wahington and apply for a visa to travel January 11. We can't believe we are really going at long last. We are told that we will have to apply for a single entry visa due to our agency (and most US agencies working in Russia now) waiting to get reaccredited. That is $400 a trip. Sure enough, our passports arrive back two days before our departure. Scott is a nervous wreck. He doesn't like cutting it so close. He relaxes after they explain that they can't issue the visas until Russia cables the invitation to their embassy. He is learning to go with the flow and I continue to thank God that we have choosen an agency that does it all for us and just tells us how high and when to jump. Far be it from me to ask why.