Journal - Trip 3 Here we GO!! · February 24, 2007
Trip 3 HERE WE GO - Last time doing this routine. February 24, 2007

Trip three – This is IT!!           February 24, 2007


STRESS. This is the last time we have to go to so you would think we would have this down by now. I spent all week running around getting things ready for this last trip to bring our son home. It didn’t help that we had to pick up 75 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on Thursday night. Then there was preparation for my Mom to take over Susanna and Laine’s schedules. Scott worked overtime this week and had to make sure paying monthly bills etc. didn’t fall through the cracks. The prep. is the worse part. Now, we have this big snowstorm to worry about.

            We’ve arrived at the airport in Madison and everything here is a go. I guess the big stuff is supposed to move in tonight. As long as we get out of Detroit this evening without delay we should be in good shape.

            We have a whole carry on suitcase devoted to our son’s stuff. We brought along plenty of oatmeal, pasta pick –up foods and diapers, clothes etc. Everything he will need for a week. Basically, we’ve been told to expect a “naked baby” – just like giving birth to him. I’ve been told that those 20+ hours of travel with him next weekend is our “Russian Labor”. Hey, at least the last 4 times I had drugs!

            We are loaded down with bags of Starbucks coffee also, a few little gifts and donations of baby care items for the orphanage. A lot of little underpants and diaper rash creams donated by my friends in Janesville Woman's Club. It seems wierd to travel with an empty stroller.We checked all this stuff thorugh to Moscow so we won't have to mess with it in Detroit or Paris. That's the downfall of traveling with frequent flier miles, all these connections! I hope we can make them all work on the way home! One late flight and we will be thrown into chaos. We are due to arrive back in Madison next Saturday night at about 5pm. The  only relaxing part is that we have a membership to Northwest airlines Worldperks Clubs so we can use the lounges at the airports in Moscow, Paris and Detroit to relax, eat, get on line, and change diapers! It might be a little easier to travel with the little guy. So, we are wheels up on the last leg..........