Journal - Off to Yaroslavl Region on Tuesday, Feb.27 · February 27, 2007
If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Yaroslavl. February 27, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 Trip to Yaroslavl Region for paperwork.


I had all kinds of problems sleeping last night. I don’t know if it was jet lag catching up with me or emotions. I woke up at about 12:40am and never did get back to sleep before the alarm clock rang at 4am. We got up and grabbed what we would need in the next two days. We were to be in the lobby and ready to go at 5:30am.

We are off to Yaroslavl region. Yaroslavl is about a 3 hour drive north east of Moscow .  However, if we were to leave later in the day, that could add hours as the traffic is awful. Yaroslavl sits on the peninsula where the Volga River meets with another lesser river. In to years it will celebrate 1,000 years since its founding. It has a rich history as a trading point both on the river and later with the railroad. Today it is a city of about 600,000 people. There are various industries and it is a seaport due to the series of canals and Volga connecting it to the far away ocean.

I slept all the way here of course. Not much to see in the dark or since we have made this trip so many times already. We arrived at around 9am and went directly to the Adoption Center for the Region. There we picked up Katya. Tanya was already out with another family that is here on their first trip. We haven’t met them.

Katya took us to an office where we had to sign forms to receive two very important forms. One is our son’s newly reissued birth certificate and the other is the adoption decree. Then we went with those papers back to the A.Center. We waited in the car and then she came out and jumped back in and we took off again to get another signature. This stop involved a government office that was in absolutely the worst repair. I had to take a photo but didn’t post it here. Then we finally got a quick run to McDonalds and checked into our hotel. After a half hour break to use the bathroom and put down our luggage, we had to go back to the A.Center and pick up Tanya. Tanya took Scott to sign some papers. Those papers were to vouch that our son is a Russian citizen. Meanwhile I sat in the car and read. Then we went back to the A.Center and dropped off Tanya. They took us back to the hotel then finally and told us to be ready at 5pm to go get more papers. Did we rest? No, we walked a few blocks along the river to the Yaroslavl Kremlin to complete our souvenir shopping. I took some photos in the souvenir shop that show dolls, carved birch items and folk painted Santas. We got back and unloaded in time to go running again at 5pm. This last stop was to pick up our son’s Russian passport. He will need this to leave . I got a great photo of Scott holding it. Yipee, tomorrow we get picked up at 8:30 and they say we are all down with the paperwork here so that means we are going to the Orphanage tomorrow and picking up our son to leave for Moscow tomorrow. So far so smooth. Off to the embassy on Thursday. That will be a long day also.