Mom's Blog Summer update 4 months home + · June 28, 2007
Evan's First Dentist Visit September 19, 2007

I made a dental appointment for Evan because I was worried that the poor nutrition and care he recieved in the orphanage might have affected his teeth. I probably would not have thought that except that he got his first tooth at 5 months! So, for months those first few teeth didn't get that calcium and other good stuff.

I didn't expect much at the dental visit. I'd be amazed if they even got him to open his mouth. Surprise, Surprise, not only did they get in there to see his teeth, he got his first floride treatment as well. I have no idea how they get them to open their mouths at 18 months, but I guess that is why he went to a Pediatric Dentist! Evan has "great teeth" and so I can relax about this now. I think I am going to save his cute little sticker from his shirt that says his "First Dentist Visit". Maybe when he is in Kindergarten I can start his scrapbook!

I want my Mommy! September 08, 2007

I had to go back to work this week so that meant everyone had to go back to Daycare on Tuesday and Thursday nights as well. I have used the daycare about once every two - three weeks during the summer as well so I was not ready for the surprise Evan had for me when I got ready to drop him off this week. He has seperation anxiety!

WOW. He really wanted his Mommy. ME.

I was so surprised that Evan tried to cling to me and cried for me when I dropped him off. He never did that before and when we have baby sitters at our home, he is just so enamoured with those perky little gals. Maybe it is because Kate has moved to the 2 year old room now.

I feel so bad for the little guy. But, on the other hand I have to go Woo-Hoo! I think this is a great step forward in his acceptance of me as his Mommy.

And of course when I went back to get him those two nights he was ready to make a bee line to me. He and Kate get moved together by 7pm as my kids are the last at the center. So here I am practically getting tackled by the two of them. Kate wants to be picked up and then there is Evan sqwaking because he wants his share too.


Evan loves a Parade September 03, 2007

We went to the big Labor Day parade in Janesville this afternoon. This was a lot of fun.The girls enjoyed sitting on the curb and catching all the candy that was thrown. Evan had a blast too. He must have waved to every group that came down the street waving from their floats. He bounced and wiggled to all the marching bands as well. He loved every minute of it. Kate was quite happy too, at least until the fire trucks went by with their load sirens.

Tomorrow school starts and we will start a new routine, having to get up earlier and I wonder what Kate and Evan will think when Susanna and Laine are gone all day. I too go back to work tomorrow so it is the restart of daycare for all of them.

Dookie finger painting September 02, 2007

We have had a really nice family afternoon. We all went to the Thresheree. This is a big gathering of people who are into antique tractors and old methods of farming. I think Evan enjoyed the big machines and the steam train ride. Kate however hated every min. of the train ride and loud whistles. Not that interesting of an outing for us girls but hey, we tagged along.

Kate has finally showed an interest in potty training so when we got home we put her up on her little potty seat on the big toliet and Evan on his little Baby Bjorn potty. YEAH, big girl Kate made a little pee. Of course we have to make a big deal about it. We want repeats!! Hey, figuring that we had not gotten any dirty diapers out of Evan, now must be the time. After 45 min. of sitting, peeing and scooting his little potty up and down the hall, we gave up and put on a diaper. Of course last time we did that, the little booger went down the hall and promptly pooped in his diaper. As if to say, Hah, you can't control this.

Sure enough, he dissappeared. I was busy making dinner then. I looked downstairs, we have an open stair well, just in time to see Mr. Evan take of his shorts and diaper and proceed to play in his waste. AARGH!! I snatched him up and ran and plunked his butt in the bathtub. Scott ran and grabbed the carpet scrubber etc. I turned off my stove, removed Kate from a chair at the kitchen counter and got back to the tub to give Evan one heck of a shower. After the carpet shampooer and cleanup job Scott did we got the place back under control. Well, we just called a few places about having our carpets cleaned anyhow...

Yes, I clearly remember Susanna pulling this trick at least once too. But, given that Evan can now make the sign language for poopy, does poopy in his potty and seems to know when to disappear to pull this we are not too happy with him for a while this evening.

By bedtime he is back to his charming little boy and we are happy to sing him a quick song and tuck him in for the night.

Sick Kid August 28, 2007
Evan has come down with his first illness since arriving home. He and Kate both. Of course it had to happen on a day when I had to work all day. I dropped them at daycare around 9 am and mentioned that they both had diaper area rashes. Well by the time I went back to pick them up at my noon break, the daycare folks had left 2 messages on my cell phone. Too bad I had silenced it when I went in to meetings. Anyhow, by the time I got them, Evan had little red pimples all down his legs. I called our pediatrician's office while driving home. Upon a closer look, Kate really didn't look too bad - no rash anywhere other than on her bottom. Evan on the other hand was a mess. The poor kid has little blisters/red pimples on his elbow, butt, and upper legs as well as on the soles of his feet and hands. Now he REALLY hates it when I change his diaper. I should have already known what this was and I really should have just made one appointment. But, I took both kids in and paid two co-pays just to confirm that they both have Hand,Foot and Mouth disease. Really a routine viral infection caused by some nasty germ, that we likely picked up at the water park on Sunday. Most likely the rest of us won't get it but it is highly contageous. They will have to stay out of daycare until the blisters are gone. Thank goodness this didn't happen when I am teaching classes, starting next week. Well I don't think Evan feels all that bad. And, he sure isn't looking for any extra snuggling.