Evan's Growth
A record of how much Evan has grown from Birth to age 3 years old.
Solid as a Rock! November 30, 2007

Evan will be 21 months old next week and according to our home scale he is growing....

26 lbs. 6 oz.

He eats like crazy and is healthy so we won't go back to the Ped. until March.

Look at me Go! March 13, 2008

Evan just had his two year old well baby check up this week. He has also been home one year this past weekend. He is perfectly healthy and does not need to be seen by the Ped. until he is 3 years old.

Weight :

NOW              27 lbs. 8 oz.     44%   

1 YEAR AGO  20 lbs 10 oz



NOW                 36 inches           88%.

1 YEAR AGO     29 inches

He has grown  7  inches this year and gained over 7lbs  pounds! When we got him he was below 25% in weight and below 50% in height.

Little Big Man, Evan turns 3 years old! March 12, 2009
Evan had his annual check up today. He has not been to see Dr. Mendoza since last year. He is an amazingly  healthy little boy. The only concerns I had for the Ped. was that Evan always seems to have a runny nose, snores and drools more than the girls ever have.

Dr. Mendoza says that Evan's tonsils look fine and that he most likely drools because of all the crud in his nose. He put him on antibiotics for a week to clear up anything there and then we have Rhinocort spray to dry up his nose.

Here is Evan's latest growth information.

Height     39 inches    79%

Weight     30 lbs.         31%

So, still a tall skinny projection for him. He has grown 3 inches since last year and gained 3 lbs. He is so active I am not surprised that he has slown down a little in his growth. He is so healthy and we have been so blessed.