Journal · March, 2008
Well, Evan has a new haircut. Laine came up stairs with a bowl full of hair and proudly pronounced that Evan had too much hair and that she had cut it. AAAAH! So, there is Evan, happy as a clam with a patchy looking haircut where Laine had trimmed him down to the scalp! And of course he was so happy that she was "playing" with him that he sat right there and let her do it. I called my friend Helen and had her trim him up. The poor little guy looks so dorky bald!
I made Laine pay for the hair cut out of her allowance and she had to sit in the chair after Evan. I had told Helen what Laine did so she got out her clipper and asked Laine if she wanted her hair buzzed off to. That little stinker said "sure". Didn't faze her a bit. So, Helen started clippering her bangs and since we weren't really going to shave her head too we stopped and Helen admonished her. "Now, Laine, Who's job is it to cut hair?" Let's hope that Laine learned her lesson.
Oops he did it again! May 01, 2008
I have to share Evan's daycare experiences. He loves to go to Just in Time for Kids, but every week he comes home with multiple ouch reports. It has gotten to the point where we are keeping the reports for his scrapbook or to prove that he gets hurt at daycare. Really, we aren't beating the kid. I really should have taken a photo of him this week. He had big bumps on both sides of his forehead. He looked like he was about to grow horns. Devil boy! He really is all boy. The staff at JIT says that they try to give him a hug when he gets a boo-boo but that he is just interested in getting the ice pack off and getting back to whatever he was doing before.

I have seen him run into tables, doors etc. All we can figure is that he is so clumsy because he is growing so fast and uncoridinated. I did get to see him wipe out at daycare though. Kate has learned how to peddle the tricycles but Evan has his own technique. He uses his feet to push along the ground, more like a scooter and he  trips over his own two feet when he gets going fast.

It has become a joke at daycare.