Links to our Friends' Adoption Websites · March 17, 2007
Here are links to friends we've met on the Internet or in person who have shared their stories with us. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
Koch Family Photos view website
From the Koch Family, who adopted from our same orphanage in the late 90's
The Punzel Family view website
The Punzels live in Janesville and just completed the process of adopting from Russia. During the process of adopting, they became pregnant and now have 2 little ones to keep up with. Very cool indeed!!!
The Bullers view website
Michelle and Michael adopted from the Yaroslavl Baby Home #1 just like we did. They asked us for many insights as to the trips and what to expect, and we are thrilled for them and little Mason.
EACI view website
There is simply no better adoption agency for Russia than EAC. They have a terrific staff in the US and people on the ground in Russia who make sure things go right and on schedule. The mass reunion every Memorial Day at the Cleveland Zoo says it all. They care and talk to you like a next door neighbor. And they're not paying us to say this - ask anybody who has used them in the past.
The Scafe Family view website
Mike and Scott work together at GM. They waited about 3 years for their adoption to be completed, but the result was worth it!
Vsevelozhsk in Leningrad view website
Photos of an Orphanage in Leningrad
Karen's Adoption Links view website
A wealth of information here... too bad we've never met Karen...
FRUA - Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption view website
FRUA provides lots of helpful information to adoptive families. It also is a big help for networking or just asking questions of people who have "been there, done that."
In Memoriam... our son Jack view website
Our son Jack was stillborn on June 5th, 2004. We were heartbroken but continued with our dream to raise a son. He is in our hearts forever and we miss him very much.