Photos - Monday, Jan,15 In Region at the Baby Home · January 15, 2007

Today, we left Moscow at 7am and went to meet our son. Here are a few photos. We have taken a lot more but are not able to share some of them here. Our region has a lot of snow. It was actually pretty driving up here once the sun was up and we could see. Lots of birch and fir trees dusted with fresh snow. We are traveling with Dan and Barbara from Atlanta. They are picking up there new son, Matthew. So we celebrated with them tonight. We literally spent until 6pm running for paperwork signatures and 3 hours at the Baby Home.

Our new guy was terrified of us, especially Scott. His first interaction with a man. He did warm up to us, especially after we fed him bits of a granola bar. Oh, and that was our lunch!

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Where is the sun?? View from our hotel.
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We had a great day. Tomorrow we will go back to see him and then back to Moscow. We are off to the Notary to sign papers to proceed with our adoption. We also will take him out of the orphanage to take photos with us so that we can use those to apply for  his visa/passport. We left Moscow at 7am and we finally got back to  our hotel at 8pm. We had dinner with Barbara and Dan, a couple from Atlanta here to pick up their son tomorrow. They are giving us a lot of pointers as this is their 5th trip to Russia (2 different adoptions.)