Special visit with Eugenio Garcia Santos (Sharon's previous boss) · May 25, 2008
This was a really special day. In the morning we had a group tour of the city and then in the afternoon a private outing. Sharon's former boss from her days at the Consulate General of Argentina in Atlanta came to our hotel to pick us up. We walked to Recoleta Cemetary, where among the fabulous tombs of the famous, rich and important people (former Presidents and such) we visted the tomb of Evita Perona. Come on our journey and enjoy....
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A Gaucho cooking my dinner a la parilla.
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After the Cemetary, we went to the National Museum of Fine Arts. We of course had expert commentary on the importance  of all the notable people and arts. We went for tea in the late afternoon and by 9pm we were eating an incredible steak dinner and a wonderful bottle of Malbec wine from Argentina. What an incredible day!!!