Christmas Holidays 2007 · January 16, 2008
We had a great time in South Carolina over Christmas. There were many families with 1 or 2 children, and even a few with 3, but we were the only ones with 4. They should give a trophy for "Parents with most Children!"
Kissing my new cousin Josephine
We got a riding horse... and it's Made in USA! Wow!
My headphones play nursery rhymes
Grandpa Baker helps Evan adjust his new Little Tyke's "IPod" toy.
Before Christmas, we went to the Castillos' and sang Christmas songs in Spanish.
We were snow delayed on the way to SC, so the only seats available were in First Class. Sweeeet!
Beach Grandma spoiled all of us while we were there.
Laine always enjoys opening the presents. She even opened a few that weren't hers.
Kate loves her new doll
Grandma with a nesting doll we bought in Yaroslavl.
Grandpa with a birch basket from Russia.
Grandpa always takes us for nature walks.
This was one of the few cloudy days in SC.
Grandpa's friends invited the older girls over to ride horses.
Susanna is accomplished enough to ride on trails.
Laine switched places with Ayden, who's grandpa owns the horses
We went to the home of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts in the USA
We went to Charleston and toured the Yorktown
An A-7 Corsair on the flight deck. Dad's friend Tom flew over 2200 hours in this plane. Now he flies for the airlines.
We ended our trip at the DeVitas. We always enjoy seeing them and the kids have a blast.