One Year · March 03, 2008

A Year has gone by quickly....

Here are some new photos of Evan in the past few weeks. He enjoys many activities and outings.

He had a small cake to celebrate his 2nd Birthday and Gotcha Day anniversary. All this week!

Kate and Evan enjoyed celebrating his 2nd Birthday at Chucky Cheese
Yummy! Never met a cake he didn't love.
Evan is so helpful. He passed out plates to everyone.
His Gotcha/2nd Birthday cake. He loved the big candle that played music.
Spending some relaxation time with Grandpa Baker
Evan's Birthday/Gotcha Day cake. He came home on March 3rd so that's what we celebrate. His Birthday is March 8
Laine and Susanna demostrate how big the snow piles in front of our house are.
Evan and Kate ate all the Fruit Loops of the 100 days of School Necklace Laine made!
Susanna and Laine took Daddy to the Daddy Daughter Dance on Evan's Birthday.
Evan has figured out how to use the computer to play Blue's Clues computer games.
As you can see, they are all really growing up so fast. It is most fun to watch the immense changes in Evan in the past year.