Photos - Feb. 13th, Moscow and Yaroslavl · February 13, 2007
Here are some photos from today's adventure. We started out with our "8 doctor medical" and in Moscow. By afternoon we were in region and attended a festival for the pagan-Christian festival of Maslenitsa. I'll write more about it on our jounal page.
All these stamps mean that we were signed off on by a bunch of doctors such as oncologist, psychiatirist etc.
Scott in Moscow. He was easy to spot as not being Russian. No fur hat this time.
The road to the region is lined with deep forests of fir and birch trees. Very pretty with snow.
This is the kind of house that you see in the countryside. They often are painted wild colors like teal or bright bird egg blue. They often have fancy gingerbread window trim.
Walkway along the frozen Volga river in the city where the orphanage is.
A cool riverboat hotel we spotted. Looks interesting.
The main church in town. One of many. Eastern Orthodox.
A character at the Maslenitsa festival .
These two were jumping rope. The taller girl was dressed in traditional clothing and the little girl was pulled from the crowd to jump.
Women running the blini and Mead(drink) stand.
Entertainment skit. The father (shown) wants his future daughter in law to make good blini.
These two must have had too much vodka. They were dancing. At least they were warm.
Look Susanna and Laine. They do have horses in Russia. They gave troika (sled) rides.
Some of the characters encouraging the sack hop racers to keep going and circle around them before heading for the finish.
At the festival still.
Scott enjoyed the Mead. A beerlike beverage tastes like honey and apple cider.
Some of the dressed up people at the festival.
People eating blini. Like a French crepe served with meat, honey or caviar. Eaten for good luck.
Scott with Tanya, our Russian representative.
A very tasty upscale McCafe treat - apple struedel.
Hope you enjoyed seeing our Tuesday in Russia.