Photos - Kremlin and Moscow on Trip 3 · February 26, 2007
Welcome to the last trip of our 3 trip adventure to Russia. We had a day to ourselves in Moscow to rest up and sightsee before leaving tomorrow to go to our region and pick up our son.
All packed up and ready to go on Saturday morning.
Here comes the blizzard! We make it out of Madison and Detroit without any delay.
Welcome back to Moscow Airport. Not a very large airport.
Sbarro restaurant near our hotel. Pretty fancy old building.
A cold job. Selling hot dogs in front of the Kremlin.
Inside the Armory museum at the Kremlin complex. Carriage of Russian Royalty from 1700's
Church doorway in the Kremlin.
Church of the Assumption at the Moscow Kremlin
Pretty gold domes on the churches. Eastern Orthodox religion.
Another,different church at the Kremlin.
Scott in front of the door for Church of the Assumption. Each church had a lot of painted icons on the walls.
Sharon. The belltower in the rear was added by Ivan the Terrible.
Many different examples of architecture at the Kremlin. Notice the cannons in the foreground also.
Now we know why sidewalks are roped off. Falling ice etc. These guys were tied to ropes, shoveling snow off roofs.
People watching in Moscow.
Typical older ladies in their fur hats and coats.
More people watching. Russians love their furs.
Horse statue in front of the Kremlin. There are many fountains so it might be beautiful in the summer at Alexandrovsky Park
Scott at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Dedicated to the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. Eternal Flame and lots of fresh flowers.
Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Photo doesn't show it but they really do that goose step march.
Thanks for sharing our sightseeing excursion around Moscow today. We enjoyed taking "people pictures" so if our son wants to see real Russian people someday, we are ready. The Kremlin and Armory were impressive bastions of Russian culture. The collection of Royal artifacts such as carriages, diamond and gem encrusted crowns, thrones etc. was breathtaking. Too bad they did not allow cameras. We got a book for future viewing also.