August photos 2007 · August 15, 2007

We have had so much fun taking photos of the kids this summer that we just have to share more of them!

Now that Evan knows the food won't go away, he is feeding Daddy.
Our other active little one. Katherine Ava Grace, 24 months old.
Poor Kate. Evan likes to wrestle with her. He always wins.
Finally, I can splash without soaking the bathroom.
A family vacation to Mo. has to inclued the Arch.
July 2007. Evan's first experience with sweet corn. He loved it!
At first he tried to bite the end but soon got the hang of it.
Tailgating at the Milwaukee Brewers game. Yes, we left the little ones home. It's the annual Delta Sigma Phi alumni get together.
In July Daddy turned 40! We rented a pontoon boat for him and his pals. Sorry kids.
Evan and the girls got a new little cousin at the end of July. Josephine Grace Baker. Susanna likes her as you can see.
Big Evan and little Evan. Surprisingly, Evan was not afraid of the noise.
Maybe someday we can let him mow the lawn.
We bought a Traditional Russian outfit for him while we were there
Sepia closeup
Look Mom - I can model!