Photos - Fall Activities · October 19, 2007
It has been a busy fall for us since Susanna and Laine went back to 2nd and Kindergarten grades. Evan and Kate miss them during the days but they stay busy and our weekends are full.
Evan loves to get his tigger rocking!
Naughty, Naughty, Now we know how the pencil marks got on the walls!
Evan (and Kate) pushes the chairs all across the hardwood floors. He loves to climb!
At the end of September Evan decided he could go down the stairs holding the rail and standing up!
Evan loves his new little cousin Josephine. He might be a little jealous of Daddy holding her.
Evan meets his first llama. Peck's Farm is a good halfway stop on the way home from Grandma & Grandpa Baker's.
Maybe he is yelling "Wow, look! I don't think this is a Doggy or kitty"
Kate made friends with the goats. She had food.
Kate celebrated her 2nd birthday at the end of August. She got some new books.
One last warm weather outing. Evan loves the water and getting sprayed.
Here is Laine. Getting on the bus on her first day of Kindergarten.
Mom may be trying to sort out my old summer clothes but this looks like a fun place to play peek a boo.
Kate and I like to play together.
Peek a boo!
Susanna and Laine rode most of the rides at the Horse and Colt Show.
Wow, Evan's 2nd parade. He loves to wave to everyone. And they throw candy!
At the Horse and Colt Show, Susanna rides a pony.
Laine likes to ride too. She joined Susanna in taking riding lessons this past summer.
Susanna, (2nd. from left) kicking the soccerball. Her first year playing.
Laine (far right) played soccer too but was not too interested.
With 4 kids there is never a dull moment.