Iguazu Falls · June 02, 2008
We took probably over 100 photos at Iguazu Falls. Photos do not do this place justice. Unlike Niagara Falls, there is close to 200 different falls of all sizes. The largest is a horseshoe shaped group called Garganta del Diablo. It is also nice that there is not a bunch of tourists crap shops all around like the Canadian side of Niagara. We took a wild boat ride up under the falls also and got totally soaked. What a wild day!
Us at the river before the falls
It rained almost the entire time - guess thatīs why they call it the rainforest!
There are over 200 seperate falls
looking down the river after the falls
Our group got so close they could get "misted" by the falls
this animal type begs at peopleīs tables as they eat - and can bite
see what I mean....
More of our group
Sharon bought a new hat
Scott at the Garganta del Diablo (Devilīs Throat)
More falls
more of our group
We took a jet boat ride in the river
The river ride was fun, and we all got soaked
The grill where we had lunch
The restaurant where we had lunch
Sharon with our tour guide
More rain.... our group was a bunch of troopers
The falls border Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina