Colonia Sacramento, Uruguay · June 05, 2008
We took a day and crossed the river by boat to Uruguay. We're glad we did as we rode 40+km on a motor scooter and saw many beautiful sights. What a terrific find on our trip!
It was cloudy when we arrived
Nearly every building had plants or flowers
A view of the lighthouse
Cobblestone streetswere everywhere
Scott loved the old cars - parked around town for historic effect
A view of the Sheraton resort
Many things are still done as they were centuries ago
A view down the main street
A view towards the river
The old Plaza del Toros - Bull Ring - Vegetarian friends, this is no longer in use
We visited a shipwreck museum
Beautiful palm trees were everywhere
A view of the river harbor
We ate at this restaurant
The old church on the square
Sharon loved the quaint little shops
A beautiful end to a perfect day