Madrid - April 13th · April 16, 2010
A very cool market near the Plaza Mayor
The Plaza Mayor
Scott Loves pistachio gelatto
More of the cool store...
...and more...
....and more...
Dad, ordering cashews
One of Scott's favorite streets in Mar\drid... near the tapa bars
Several "cavern bars" are built into the side of the plaza
A candy store near the Plaza del Sol
This guy played music on glasses filled with water. He didn't do any disco songs. Drat!
The street behind the Plaza Mayor
"The museum of Ham"
Ceiling in the cavern bars - almost all are brick
A very ornate cavern bar
Dad, at the Meson del Championes - "The Mushroom Bar"
The Plaza del Sol
The Plaza del Sol
The Tio Pepe sign is a famous landmark in the Plaza del Sol - if you like Sherry, it's good stuff. I'll stick with the red wine, thank you very much.