Segovia - April 14th · April 16, 2010
Dad, in front of the Candido, a world famous restaurant, and the 2000 year old aquaduct
The view from near the top of the ag\quaduct, looking down at Candido.
Dad and I had a table looking out at the aquaduct
Dad and I with Candido's son - he is wearing a neckpiece which shows he is the chef to the King of Spain - the highest honor for a Spanish chef
Dad with Candido's son - by the way, Candido died about 20 years ago
Inside of Candido - each room has a theme
The other side of the aquaduct
The Alcazar (fortress) at Segovia - also known as the model for Snow White's castle
St. John's tower
View of the Alcazar from the road
Looking down from the drawbridge
waaaaay down!
Dad is 6 feet tall - but people were little back then
An Armored cavalryman
More armor
Ferdinand and Isabella's thrones
A view out the window
And a view from the terrace - way up there!
Looking down from the terrace
A view of the cathedral from the top of the tower