Back to Madrid - April 16th · April 21, 2010

We got out of Madrid as the cloud from the volcano was headed our way. We got lucky - caught a flight to Atlanta. Had we been in Paris, we would have been stranded. Over 96,000 flights were canceled between 4/12 and 4/21 - wowzers!

The Plaza Mayor, Madrid
The Cathedral in Madrid
Dad, in front of the Royal Palace - it's used today as a greeting and meeting place for foreign dignataries
The Cathedral from a distance
The Plaza del Sol on a Friday night
Madrid comes to life at night
The inside of the Hotel Cliper - totally remodeled - I didn't recognize it at all
More night walkers - everyone was out (even Winnie the Pooh), many of them older couples walking arm in arm - very nice to see!
The stairway led to a really cool catacomb restaurant
The restaurant - all brick and 400+ years old
Our waitress was from the Dominican Republic - she was a lot of fun!
Dad and me at our table
We had Paella, the national dish of Spain. It was wonderful!
The really cool Mercado de San Miguel shops on a Friday night - busy isn't the word!
More of the really cool shops - glad we went on Tuesday!
The kids loved the shirts Grandpa bought them
The shirt reads "When Mom says no, I ask Grandma!"