Isla Mujeres · October 13, 2010
The North Beach, Isla Mujeres
We saw beautiful sunsets!
Sunset off of Isla Mujeres
The view off of our balcony
View off of the front balcony
and a nice sunrise too!
Found a piece of brain coral on the shore
view looking south off of our balcony
Went to a turtle farm, where they raise sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered animals.
Saw a lion fish at the turtle farm. They had several aquariums there.
Scott wants this for his computer "wallpaper" at work
Sharon, at the southern point at Isla Mujeres
Scott, at the top of the lighthouse at the south end of Isla Mujeres
Looking North rom the top of the lighthouse
Looking at the southern pint of Isla Mujeres, the Mayans believed this was a point of earth energy
view looking west from the lighthouse
Scott, at the North Beach
Beautiful homes along the south end of the island
Ceviche is a local fish dish
View looking east off of the North Beach