Dec 30th and 31st, 2010 · January 02, 2011
Downtown Bogota, it's normal for poor people to use horses if they can't afford trucks
Laine, in frontof the Club Penguin store
Open kitchen in a restaurant where we had breakfast
Gelotto - a favorite of the girls
A wall garden - makes a wall between buildings look much more attractive
Park in Downtown Bogota
The girls at the park - Downtown Bogota
We stayed at the Sandoval's house - their daughter stayed with us in 2001 as an exchange student
The girls in the pool at the Sandoval's house
The Sandovals have a really cool stairway, the back wall is a fountain, and it serves as an aerator to the fish pond below
The wild birds are beautiful!
Laine at the Swim and Tennis club - may improvements since 1996 when we were here last
Maria Villemezar, Sharon, and Ximena Villemezar