January 2nd - Pamplona · January 03, 2011
Pamplona is a colonial town built in the mountains by the Spaniards in the 1600's. It's famous for coal production and now has a very prestigious university
The church in Pamplona is a world history site
Us and Maria Christina Sandoval in front of the church in the Plaza Mayor, Pamplona
The Plaza Mayor, Pamplona
View down a street and up a hill in Pamplona. The buildings in the foreground are over 350 years old.
View of the hillside in Pamplona.
Laine and Scott in a souvenir shop
The nursing home sponsored in part by the Sandoval family. It's staffed by nuns and part of the Catholic church
Bringing sweets and candy is a tradition - Susanna and Laine made many friends!
Ivan Sandova, Susanna, and friends
Ivan Sandoval, the girls, and Eberto - Eberto is 104 years old
Eberto loved the candy and danced a jig for us - he is a very sweet man
The open air garden at the nursing home
Parts of the nursing home are very old and historic.