Tuesday, January 4th · January 06, 2011
Susanna and Laine at the house/museum of General Santander - he's the Thomas Jefferson of Latin America and the 1st President of Gran Colombia. He was joined with Simon Bolivar, their George Washington
Maria Christina and Amanda - our hosts
Susanna in the courtyard at the Santander
A replica of the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence from Spain
Courtyard at the Santander museum
Statue of Santander
A memorial to the colonists - the soldier has bare feet
Inside the museum
They had an entire area for kids
The kids area included period costumes
Laine always has been our "tree hugger"
Laine at the church on the Santander estate
Statue of Simon Bolivar inside the church. The George Washington of Latin America, Venezualan currency is called "Bolivares."
Maria Christina and Ivan Sandoval - our hosts
Party at the Villamizar's house
Group Photo at the Vilamizar's house
Mario, Scott and Julio Mario
The yard at the Villamizar's house
Mariella Villamizar and her new grandaughter