January 2007 - Video of Evan - what we sent to the Doctor for evaluation · March 17, 2007
OK - We're been asked "How can parents be sure international adoptees don't have some type of developmental disability?" We did our best to have his medical history checked out and everything was fine. By the way, we highly recommend doing this for any child a person considers adopting. 
Video of our little guy - first visit to Yaroslavl
This video was sent to a doctor in the US who specializes in Adoption Medicine. Asked by others about potential medical issues, Scott replied "we're not medical experts and this is a child who needs a home."  There are no promises with any of the children I've carried in my body either. Adoption is a leap of faith. By the way, our Pediatrician says everything is fine. Again, have the right evaluations made so you know what medical situation you're getting into.